Change Principal Mobile Number in Digital Gujarat Scholarship

Welcome teachers with another important post about Digital Gujarat Online Scholarship. Here we will see about how to change principal mobile number in Digital Gujarat portal. Keep read full post for more information.

Digital Gujarat Online Scholarship

From last many years, the scholarships are paid to students online using digital portal. It is Digital Gujarat portal. Online scholarship in Gujarat is introduced via Digital Gujarat website. Every principal has unique user name as School DISE number and password to enter in digital Gujarat portal. He/She also provide his/her mobile number for SMS verification and further details. Principal can make proposal of students in Digital Gujarat website. Sometimes school principal gets transfer to new school or his/her mobile number is changed. Then it needs to change the principal mobile number in website. Lets see how to change mobile number in Digital Gujarat website.

Change Principal Mobile Number in Digital Gujarat

There is any online way to change the mobile number on Digital Gujarat Website. There is no option to change the mobile number of principal online. Then we have to follow the offline method. Read below steps of change principal mobile number in Digital Gujarat. Follow the steps to change the number and also principal name easily.

Steps for Change Principal Mobile Number

Step 1 :- Download the application form for change principal mobile number or name in Digital Gujarat Scholarship. Click this link for form.

Step 2 :- Fill the form details carefully as shown in below. Below for download link is given in above Step 1.

Step 3 :- Write School name, School DISE number, new principal name, new mobile number, old principal name, old mobile number, reason for change of mobile number.
Step 4 :- Sign and put official school stamp on it and send it to any of office named at start of form. The name of offices to give this form is also in below image.
So, that is it. You are all done. When one of this office received your application form they will change Principal mobile number in Digital Gujarat scholarship website online.

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