Voter Helpline App by Election Commission of India : All Details

The season of election is now coming in India. Election is huge festival in country like India. The E.C.I. (Election Commission of India) has declared Lok Sabha Elections - 2019 recently. The E.C.I. said about one mobile application for all voter to help them before the election process. They launched one official app for all voters named Voter Helpline App for android users.
Here, I will describe all details about this app with download link from Google Play Store.

Voter Helpline App by E.C.I.

This march, the Election Commission of India has launched the official Voter Helpline app. The app has lower size of 9.5 MB. The app is running in android devices. There are so many features included in this app. Read all features from below. You can get download link about the app from below also.

Voter Helpline App Download

You can download this app from Google Play Store from below link. App information is given below.
  • Official App Download :- Click here to download the app
  • App Size :- 9.5 MB
  • App Developer :- Election Commission of India
  • Official App Trailer Video :- Click & See

Voter Helpline App Features 

The top amazing features of Voter Helpline app are given below.
  1. You can search your name in Voter List using your name or election card number. You can also download it.
  2. You can fill online forms for new voter card, deletion of name from voter list and correction in voter card.
  3. You can track your form details using unique number after filling online form.
  4. You can complaint about any political activity to Election Commission of India directly using your mobile number.
  5. Get help as voter with FAQs means questions and their answers in the app.
  6. You can see upcoming elections details directly in app.
  7. The video help feature to know about E.V.M. and V.V.P.A.T.
  8. Show the official news about Election Commission of India.
So, this is the short demo of Voter Helpline app by Election Commission of India. Use this app and forward this post to other voters for help them more. Please like and comment if you have any question about this app.