Top 15 Google Search Engine Tips N Tricks

We all know that Google is popular search engine in the world. But, I am telling you about some Tips and Tricks about Google Search Engine that you don't know.

Google Search Engine Tricks

Top 15 Google Search Engine Tips N Trick

1. Atari Breakout

Go to Google and search Atari Breakout. Then you can find search results. Now, click on Images. You can see the game will open. Play it online on Google.

Atari Breakout

2. Timer or Stopwatch 

If you need timer or stopwatch, then directly search Timer or Stopwatch in Google and use it.

Timer or Stopwatch

 3. Flip A Coin

If you need to toss for any game then search Flip A Coin in Google. You can see one coin. Click on Flip it and you can see result for this.


Flip a Coin

4. Weather 

Search Weather word in Google and see weather of your your city. If you want to find weather of particular city then add city name after weather.



5. Calculator or Calc

If you need calculator or scientific calculator then search Calculator or Calc in Google and calculate online using Google.



6. Movie Songs 

Search any picture name and songs word after it. You can see lists of songs of that movie. Click on given songs for directly play online.


Movies Songs

7. Roll A Dice

If you want to play snack and leader and you don't have Dice with six sides. Then search Roll A Dice in Google and you can play with Dice online using Google.


Roll A Dice

8. Play PAC-MAN Game

To play game in Google search, search PACMAN in Google. You can play PACMAN game on home page of Google.



9. Cricket Score

To see cricket score directly on Google, just search Cricket Score in Google for latest cricket live score and results on home page.


Cricket Score

10. Currency Rate 

If you want to find currency rate of dollar or any currency then search Currency Rate in Google.


Currency Rate

11. Unit Converter 

If you want to convert from one unit to another, then search Unit Converter in Google. You can convert in many units.


Unit Converter

12. Translator

If you want to translate any word in your language or find meaning of any word then search Translator in Google.



13. ATM Search

If you want to find ATM nearby you then, search ATM Near Me and you can find total details of ATM near you using Google.


ATM Near Me

14. My IP Address 

Do you want to know your IP address? Then simply search What is My IP Address in Google to see your IP address.


What is my IP Address

15. Do A Barrel Roll 

Search Do A Barrel Roll in Google and you can see 360 degree rotation of your search page!!!


Do A Barrel Roll

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