How To Change Password On MDM Gujarat Website? Video

Mid Day Meal Scheme is running by Government of India in all India. In Gujarat, we also give Mid Day Meal to the students in government schools. Teachers have to submit the online data of daily reports. So, they are given a username and password.

How To Change Password On MDM Gujarat Website? Video

MDM Gujarat Monitoring

School principal and teachers have to submit daily reports of MDM everyday. They can use MDM Gujarat official website or MDM Gujarat app. They need Username and password for that. Username is 18 digit school DISE number and password is given to them. Now, they can change the password, because the given password is very difficult to remember.

MDM Gujarat Password Change Video

Here I put the Gujarati video of MDM Gujarat Password Change and also steps in English.
To see video about password change in Gujarati :- CLICK HERE

Steps For Change Password

Follow below steps for change password of MDM Gujarat. You can watch Gujarati Video from above link.

  1. Go to official site of MDM Gujarat. To go directly, click this link.
  2. Enter your username, old password and text code from box. Click on Sign In button.
  3. Now you are in your account. Click on right top corner on your school name.
  4. Now, you can see Change password option. Click on Change Password.
  5. New page is seen on screen. Enter old password in first box, new password in second box and again repeat new password in last box.
  6. Click on save button. You can see Password change success message on top.

That's so easy !!!!!

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