Make Your Wordpress Website - Full Guide In Gujarati PDF

Hello all, we all looking for making website for our personal use, schools or company. Here is the full guide about how to make website in wordpress. Keep reading this post for more information about website making in wordpress with Gujarati PDF.

Make website in wordpress gujarati pdf

There are many platforms for creating website for your school or personal use. You can create free blog using Blogger. You can create free website using Weebly or Wix. But, I am telling you about most succesful and functional site builder i.e. Wordpress.

Why Wordpress is Best For Website ?

There are so many reasons why wordpress is better than other services. Read them from below.
  • Wordpress powers 30% of websites in world.
  • Wordpress provides free & paid web service. In paid service, you can customise your site as you want.
  • Wordpress has large range of themes.
  • Wordpress is easy to use and it is very secure.
  • More information about wordpress is given in Gujarati PDF below.

Wordpress Services

Wordpress provides you 3 services for your website.
  1. Free website on for begginers
  2. Paid website on for users
  3. Self hosted paid website on

Worpress Information Gujarati PDF

Here is the full guide about wordpress in single PDF file. The files is like slideshow and it is created by Ujamshi Khandla. Thanks to them to share this file here.
  • Wordpress Guide Gujarati PDF :- Click Here to Download
  • Total Pages :- 30
  • File Size :- 595 kb

Advantages of Wordpress Guide PDF

  • All information are in Gujarati language.
  • You can scan QR-Codes in PDF files for links and videos about wordpress.
  • There are many video links about creating website in this PDF file. You can see QR-Code of it also.

So, download above PDF guide and know about wordpress and start your website now. For information about blogging, please visit this website.