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Hello teachers, we use internet mostly for education now. We are surfing so many websites. We have to share our Google Drive links, website links, file location links to other teachers or students. There is a one solution for it i.e. short link. url shortner ict gujarat

■ What Is Link Shortner :- 

- Many websites provide facility to short your long URL or link into short URL or link. You have to copy your link and paste there. Then, you can get short link. There are so many link shortners. 1., 2., 3, and many more.
- We are got new shorten URL. But, that URL is not custom. It means you have to remember that URL too. So, what is the solution for that. In this post, I will teach you about one custom URL shortner. Keep reading this post from below. Also watch video about this post in Gujarati from below link.
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■ URL Shortner :- is custom URL shortner without any log in system. You can create your own link followed by So, this is very useful for us to create our URL. This URL shortner is totally free. You do not need of sign up or log in. Just copy your Link and paste it here.

■ How To Use URL Shortner :-

  • Go to web address. Or click on it.
  • You can see one box for URL or Link. Copy your long link from your file, blog or download location on internet. Paste your link there.
  • Now, check the mark in Customize Link and select it.
  • You can see a little box after
  • Enter your custom text. For example I wrote MATHS-FILE.
  • Click on Shorten URL option.
  • After that you can get your shorten URL. It will be like
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Enjoy your short link with custom text. Visit this website for such posts.