Make Correction In Voter ID Card Online

Voter id card is identity proof and very useful document of any person in India. Sometimes, there are so many mistakes in voter id card or election card. There are so many ways to make correction in voter id card. We will discuss about them in this post.
Correction voter id card online nvsp

We earlier discuss about how to apply for voter id card online using NVSP portal. If you miss that post, click below link to read the post.
How To Apply For Election Card Online ?

There are two ways to make correction in voter id card. 1). Offline and 2). Online. The first process is completed through BLO of your area by filling form no. 8. But, we discuss here about second process i.e. online.
Election Commission of India (ECI) launched online service portal for voter id cards called NVSP portal. You can make changes to your voter id card using this portal. You need to fill form no. 8 online using this portal. Follow below steps for more information in details.

Steps For Correction In Voter ID Card Online :-

  • Step 1 : Go to NVSP portal for correction. For go to direct link, click here.
  • Step 2 : Select your langauge, English or Hindi.
  • Step 3 : Select Your State and Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency.
  • Step 4 : Enter your basic details such as name and surname. Enter both in English and your regional language. Then enter your part number, serial number and voter id card number. If you don't know all these, click this link to search online.
  • Step 5 : Tick the option which you want to make correct. You have to upload id proof at last for that.
  • Step 6 : Enter the correct details which you selected in above step. For example, if you selected only name then you have to enter your correct name here and nothing else. If you select photograph then you don't need to fill any thing.
  • Step 7 : Upload proof as verified document image by click on choose file. This proof should releted to your correction.
  • Step 8 : Enter your e-mail & mobile number for tracking your request. You can get confirmation messege through this. Enter place also.
  • Step 9 : Click on Submit button to submit your request. You will get text messege for that.

So, this is the simple way to make correction in voter id card online. After submitting this, your BLO will come to your house for varification and then your changes will be made in voter id list. Then you can download and print new voter card from your nearby voter id centre.

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