View Website As In Computer Browser With Mouse In Android

Hello friends, we are browsing many sites online. Most people choose android phone for browsing any website. But, the main problem is that most of website now a days are responsive view. Responsive view means different view for different devices. For example, my website ICT GUJARAT is differently view in desktop, tablet and android phones. So, the problem is that some functions can't be access through android browser. We can't have mouse in our android too. Here is the solution for it. Try this browser for android. You never about it before. Let's see.
View website as desktop as in android puffin browser
I am telling you about the best android browser with PC view. This browser is Puffin Web Browser. You can download this browser from Google Play Store. I used it since 6 months. It is very good one. Let's talk about this browser & I am giving you download link as below.
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Puffin Web Browser Features

  • Puffin browser is very fast loading than any other browsers of android.
  • You can see desktop website view of any website. Just select desktop view from setting.
  • Optimised video player and data saving mode is available.
  • You can use mouse for drag and drop things.
  • You can select any object using mouse. You can also use your touch feature.
  • Game keypad feature is available for online games.
  • You can explore more feature like desktop in mobile using this browser.
  • All basic features of default browser are available.
  • Smart download manager is there.
  • Browsing speed is very fast.

Puffin Web Browser Download 

  • Download Puffin web browser from Google Play Store from below link.
  • For Puffin web browser download, Click this link.

Use this browser in mobile and experience desktop pc view on android mobile. Puffin browser is very useful for this task. Enjoy browsing using this browser. Keep visiting our website for more features like this.