Materials For Teachers By GCERT

GCERT is always help teachers in many ways in Gujarat State. GCERT include resource bank for teachers on their website. Teacher use many resources from GCERT website. Some teachers don't know about these resources by GCERT. So, here is the brief introduction of GCERT Resource Bank with links. So, read the full post for know more.

What is GCERT Resource Bank ? 

- GCERT creates online resource bank to help teachers. For effective teaching and educational work of students, GCERT launch this resourse bank. You can find this resource bank and its material on official GCERT website.
- GCERT resource bank includes three catagories like Documents, Audio & Video.
- Read below in details about this three catagories and direct links for that.

● Documents :-

- Documents section in resource bank includes PDF documents for teachers useful in classrooms & administration.
- Documents section includes documents like HTAT moduels, SCE patrako, Learning Outcome book, NCF-2005, RTE-2009, teacher's edition text-books, D.El.Ed materials & many more.
- Click this link to go to Documents section.

● Audio :-

- Audio section includes Mp3 audio formates useful for school.
- Audio section has Prayers, GCERT poems, Radio programmes & more.
- Click this link to go to Audio section.

● Video :-

- Video section includes classroom and school videos for teachers & students.
- Video section has microteaching, maths, science, english & many videos.
- Click this link to go to Video section.

You can find your useful materials online using this resource bank. This website provides you useful information about technology for teachers & students both. Visit this website for more topics coming in future such as blogging, youtube, android, web, softwares and tips.

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