How To Check The Validity Of Aadhar Number ?

How To Check Validity Of Aadhar Number
   Hello friends, now a days we use aadhar card in our most of works. Aadhar card is most important document in our life. Sometimes, we just get aadhar number from others. But, we don't know that that aadhar number is valid number or not. This is the first post about aadhar card. We will post more post about aadhar card to help you more.

○ What is Aadhar Number ?

Aadhar number is 12 digit unique number of perticular person. This number is not same as number of other person. It is unique number of any person in all India. So aadhar card is more important to our life. In this post we learn about validation of aadhar number.

○ Check Validity of Aadhar Number :-

We have many aadhar numbers in our schools of our students. But how to know these numbers are valid or not. Here is simple solution of that. You can know that 12 digit aadhar number is valid or not. Just follow below steps to know validity of an aadhar number.

● Steps for check validity of Aadhar number :-

Follow below steps.
  • Step-1 : First of all click this link.
  • Step-2 : Official website of aadhar card validation will open after click above link.
  • Step-3 : You can see 2 boxes. Enter your 12 digit aadhar number in first box. Enter the security code from near box.
  • Step-4 : Now click on Varify button.
  • Step-5 : See the result of aadhar number validation. If your aadhar number is valid, then you can see green tick mark. And if your aadhar number is invalid, then you can see red cross-out mark.
Follow above steps to know your aadhar number is valid or not. If your aadhar number is not valid then go to nearby aadhar centre and apply again for aadhar card.

More posts about aadhar card will come after this post. Write your comments about this post in comment box. Keep visiting this website.