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      We use our study materials in soft formates in these days. We use lots of formates and files for exchange and save our study notes, books, projects & files. There are several formates like word, excel, presentation, PDF, JPG images etc. For documents, we mostly use PDF formates.

Why PDF formate is so popular?

- There are many reasons why PDF file are popular in term of use. The full-form of PDF is Portable Display Files. You can convert your text as PDF files and view it easily. You just need Adobe Reader or any PDF reader software & app for your computer & smart phone. The benefit of PDF is that you can't edit this file. Another benefit is you can share it easily and no fonts problem as in word document file.

How to edit/convert PDF files online?

- I am telling you about one website which can edit your PDF files easily. This website is ILOVEPDF. You can see url of this website as below.

Features of this web in Details :-

- You can merge two different PDF files to make one PDF file.
- Split PDF file in one or many PDF pages. If you want to extract some pages from large PDF, you can do it.
- The most useful tool is compress PDF files. You can reduce size of your PDF files using this.
- Convert your PDF files into JPG images, Word, Excel, powerpoint files.
- Convert your JPG images, Word, Excel, powerpoint files into PDF files.
- You can add page number or watermark to PDF files using this web also.
- You can unlock locked PDF files too.

How to use ILOVE PDF ?

- Here is guide in steps how to use it. It is online service so you need to turn on your data. You can use it on your mobile too. Follow below steps.
  • Step - 1 : Go to web
  • Step - 2 : Select the activity you want to do with your files. For example, select compress PDF.
  • Step - 3 : In new page, select your file from your computer/device & wait for upload it.
  • Step - 4 : Now select the activity from bottom of page. For example, Compress PDF.
  • Step - 5 : Wait for processing. When it is done then Download button will appear. Click on Download button to download your converted file. It's easy !!!

Conclusion :-

      Above is the complete guide to convert, compress, split & merge a PDF file. Hope you like this article. You can use this article in your studies and teaching. Share this to other peoples. Follow us on social media too.
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