Make Your Science Toys at Home. Toys From Trash - Website, Videos & App

      Hello students, this post is just for you and for your teacher too. In this post, I will give information about one website and one android app which useful for you. By using them you can make your science toys at home. You don't need any high and costly materials for that. You can use usual and waste material for your projects & science toys. Also called as Toys From Trash.

      I also created video information about this web and put it on youtube. You can click below Youtube link & see total info in Gujarati langauge. Click below to see video.

● Make Your Science Toys At Home Video :-

      Now, let us see how we can learn to make Science toys at home. I am telling about one website. This website is made by Arvind Gupta. He is very active in science field & made several models for learning science from trash. It is also called Toys From Trash. But for shortcuts, i will put some direct links for you to download material easily. Click on below links to download useful material for you such as PDF books, Science Toys making images, videos and android app.

■ For PDF books :- Click here
■ For Science Toys Making Images :- Click here
■ For Science Toys Making Videos :- Click here
■ Toys From Trash Android App :- Click here

■ Official Web :-

      This article will help you to find science toys which is best for you. Teachers can use this links in their class & also students can use it. For such articles & my videos visit every week.