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        Hello friends, in this global world we use all the study materials in digital formate. These all the materials are available on different sites or blogs. Some teachers make their own blogs to help the other teachers & students. In this post we are talking about such blogs. The best thing is that all blogs are in Gujarati language. So due to regional language, its easy to find content for both teachers & students.

Let's see the gujarati blogs by the teachers with full info by ICT GUJARAT.

1). SabdPreet :-

■ Address : http://omarmik.blogspot.com
■ Author : Bharat Chauhan
■ SabdPreet is the best gujarati blog for wide range of download catagories. From this blog, you can download most of classroom materials easily. The best thing of this blog is that there is no posts on blogs. You can find your material using catagories.  This blog is also useful for all exams. Bharat Chauhan created his own material & collected from various sites too.

2). Sarvartra Gnanm :-

■ Address : http://sarvatragnanm.blogspot.com
■ Author : Kalpesh Chotaliya
■ The name is enough, Kalpesh Chotaliya. He made is blog just like Bharat Chauhan. You can find various materials releted to classroom. All are self created materials specially for maths & science. You can download CCC materials too. In this blog, there is no any post bt you can find your favourite post using Menus.

3). Vigyan Vishwa :-

■ Address : http://vigyan-vishwa.blogspot.com
■ Author : Chandan Rathod
■ Vigyan Vishwa is the science blog. There are lots of video & PDF materials as per syllabus on this blog. Chandan Rathod self-made all the materials. There is Video, PDF, test paper & technology catagories on this blog.

4). Kartavya - GK blog :-

■ Address : http://aashishbaleja.blogspot.com
■ Author : Aashish Baleja
■ Kartavya is blog about GK. It is the lots of GK pages & posts collected from several sites on internet. You can see all catagories on side bar of the blog.

5). Social Science Info :-

■ Address : http://socialscienceinfo.blogspot.com
■ Author : Jignesh Ram
■ Social Science info is the blog about Social Science & GK. You can see daily history, papers, PDF files releted to Social Science using this blog. It is created by Jignesh Ram

6). Sahitya Safar :-

■ Address : http://sahityasafar.blogspot.com
■ Author : Aashish Baleja
■ Sahitya Safar is the another blog by Aashish Baleja. This blog is useful for langauge teachers. The blog contains short stories & poems.

7). E-Learning Site :-

■ Address : http://snhingu.blogspot.com
■ Author : Sukhdev Hingu
■ This blog by Sukhdev Hingu is useful for English language teachers. Wide range of english materials is on this blog. Also some technological post there for all subjects.

8). Vishal Vigyan :-

■ Address : http://vishalvigyan.blogspot.com
■ Author : Vishal Gauswami (It's Me!!!)
■ Vishal Vigyan is well known Maths-science & technology blog. You can find maths-science material from this blog. Also computer & technology releted post from this blog.

       Here is 8 Gujarati blogs which are useful in classrooms for education. Visit all these blogs. Thanks.

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