How To Use Plickers In Classroom ? Gujarati

Hello teachers, we all use technology in our classrooms. Teach lessons using PPT and videos. But, we evaluate students using test or written exam. There are many educational tools available for such evalution. We will discuss about that in this post.
This is the special post for the teachers. I will telling you about very useful education tool in this post. This tool is Plickers. Let's learn about Plickers in detail.

What Is Plickers ?

  • Plicker is educational tool for digital evalution of students. You can use this tool from its official website www.plickers.com
  • Plicker is powerful tool for fast evalution using computer and android.
  • Let's more learn about Plickers & its features.

How Plickers Works ?

  • You just need few things like a computer or projector & one android phone with internet connection, Plickers Cards and a class of Students.
  • Print Plickers card from its website. Enter class and question on plickers website. Also enter the name of students on that.
  • Using plickers cards, students give answer of questions. You can use your mobile to scan those cards.
  • Plickers evaluates the result in just a minute.

Plickers Help/Use Gujarati PDF & Videos

Many talented teachers of Gujarat making PDF files and videos about Plickers evalution in Gujarati. I put one PDF and 8 videos of Plickers evolution as below. PDF file is created by Ujamshi Khandla & videos by Chandan Rathod.

Plickers is very nice tool for classroom evalution. It is very useful and time saver tool for all teachers. Visit this website for more tools like Plickers.


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