Make Correction In Voter ID Card Online

Voter id card is identity proof and very useful document of any person in India. Sometimes, there are so many mistakes in voter id card or election card. There are so many ways to make correction in voter id card. We will discuss about them in this post.
Correction voter id card online nvsp

We earlier discuss about how to apply for voter id card online using NVSP portal. If you miss that post, click below link to read the post.
How To Apply For Election Card Online ?

There are two ways to make correction in voter id card. 1). Offline and 2). Online. The first process is completed through BLO of your area by filling form no. 8. But, we discuss here about second process i.e. online.
Election Commission of India (ECI) launched online service portal for voter id cards called NVSP portal. You can make changes to your voter id card using this portal. You need to fill form no. 8 online using this portal. Follow below steps for more information in details.

Steps For Correction In Voter ID Card Online :-

  • Step 1 : Go to NVSP portal for correction. For go to direct link, click here.
  • Step 2 : Select your langauge, English or Hindi.
  • Step 3 : Select Your State and Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency.
  • Step 4 : Enter your basic details such as name and surname. Enter both in English and your regional language. Then enter your part number, serial number and voter id card number. If you don't know all these, click this link to search online.
  • Step 5 : Tick the option which you want to make correct. You have to upload id proof at last for that.
  • Step 6 : Enter the correct details which you selected in above step. For example, if you selected only name then you have to enter your correct name here and nothing else. If you select photograph then you don't need to fill any thing.
  • Step 7 : Upload proof as verified document image by click on choose file. This proof should releted to your correction.
  • Step 8 : Enter your e-mail & mobile number for tracking your request. You can get confirmation messege through this. Enter place also.
  • Step 9 : Click on Submit button to submit your request. You will get text messege for that.

So, this is the simple way to make correction in voter id card online. After submitting this, your BLO will come to your house for varification and then your changes will be made in voter id list. Then you can download and print new voter card from your nearby voter id centre.

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National Voters Day Online Quiz In Gujarati

Namaskar all, we know our India is democratic country. We all elect our leader for our government. This whole process done by ECI means Election Commision of India. ECI holds elections all over India and monetoring election process from beggining to end. All these work done by ECI with goverment.
After 15 August 1947, India has became free nation. Our goverment will be democratic at that time. Then on 25 January 1950, ECI is established. ECI holds election and election related work over the country. Under ECI, state election commisions are formed for local election.
National Voters Day Online Quiz ICTGUJARAT

National Voters Day History :-
From that day, 25 January is celebrated as National Voters Day in India. On this day, many activities have taken place by ECI and goverment. One of the activities is National Voters Day Quiz. This quiz celebrates in primary and secondary schools and colleges. I put online National Voters Day Quiz in Gujarati. This will helpful to you. You can play this quiz online directly. See details and play it online in this page. Scroll below.

National Voters Day Online Quiz :-
You can directly play this quiz from below in Gujarati. There total 30 questions in quiz. For checking your answer click on check button. You can view your result at last. So play the quiz from below.

Visit this website for more online quiz like this. Celebrate National Voters Day using this quiz in your schools. Have a great day ahead. Keep visit this site.

How To Use Plickers In Classroom ? Gujarati

Hello teachers, we all use technology in our classrooms. Teach lessons using PPT and videos. But, we evaluate students using test or written exam. There are many educational tools available for such evalution. We will discuss about that in this post.
This is the special post for the teachers. I will telling you about very useful education tool in this post. This tool is Plickers. Let's learn about Plickers in detail.

What Is Plickers ?

  • Plicker is educational tool for digital evalution of students. You can use this tool from its official website www.plickers.com
  • Plicker is powerful tool for fast evalution using computer and android.
  • Let's more learn about Plickers & its features.

How Plickers Works ?

  • You just need few things like a computer or projector & one android phone with internet connection, Plickers Cards and a class of Students.
  • Print Plickers card from its website. Enter class and question on plickers website. Also enter the name of students on that.
  • Using plickers cards, students give answer of questions. You can use your mobile to scan those cards.
  • Plickers evaluates the result in just a minute.

Plickers Help/Use Gujarati PDF & Videos

Many talented teachers of Gujarat making PDF files and videos about Plickers evalution in Gujarati. I put one PDF and 8 videos of Plickers evolution as below. PDF file is created by Ujamshi Khandla & videos by Chandan Rathod.

Plickers is very nice tool for classroom evalution. It is very useful and time saver tool for all teachers. Visit this website for more tools like Plickers.

View Website As In Computer Browser With Mouse In Android

Hello friends, we are browsing many sites online. Most people choose android phone for browsing any website. But, the main problem is that most of website now a days are responsive view. Responsive view means different view for different devices. For example, my website ICT GUJARAT is differently view in desktop, tablet and android phones. So, the problem is that some functions can't be access through android browser. We can't have mouse in our android too. Here is the solution for it. Try this browser for android. You never about it before. Let's see.
View website as desktop as in android puffin browser
I am telling you about the best android browser with PC view. This browser is Puffin Web Browser. You can download this browser from Google Play Store. I used it since 6 months. It is very good one. Let's talk about this browser & I am giving you download link as below.
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Puffin Web Browser Features

  • Puffin browser is very fast loading than any other browsers of android.
  • You can see desktop website view of any website. Just select desktop view from setting.
  • Optimised video player and data saving mode is available.
  • You can use mouse for drag and drop things.
  • You can select any object using mouse. You can also use your touch feature.
  • Game keypad feature is available for online games.
  • You can explore more feature like desktop in mobile using this browser.
  • All basic features of default browser are available.
  • Smart download manager is there.
  • Browsing speed is very fast.

Puffin Web Browser Download 

  • Download Puffin web browser from Google Play Store from below link.
  • For Puffin web browser download, Click this link.

Use this browser in mobile and experience desktop pc view on android mobile. Puffin browser is very useful for this task. Enjoy browsing using this browser. Keep visiting our website for more features like this.
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D.El.Ed. Multimedia Books In Gujarati Free Download

Hello students & teachers,
D.El.Ed. is 2 year educational course for becoming teacher in primary schools. From this year, MHRD said all the school teachers who teaches in Standard 1 to 5, have to complete D.El.Ed. If they anable to do it, then they can be teached in primary. This rule is for both goverment and private schools.

D.El.Ed. multimedia book gujarati free
There are many resourse available in market for D.El.Ed. course. You can either download it free from or purchase from market. In this post, I will tell you about multimedia resourses of D.El.Ed. education in Gujarati. GCERT create D.El.Ed. multimedia flip books for students and teachers in Gujarat. These books can be easily download from the their site. I provide direct link of that material here.
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Benefits Of Multimedia Flip Books

  • You don't need to read hard copy books
  • This is not ordinary PDF book. All pages can move like real books.
  • You can see related videos and audio in books. Click on their icon and see them as reference.
  • You need flip player software for such books. But, you can download it from below link at the end of post.
  • You can read books anytime and anywhere free in your computer.
  • (Note:- These books are not supported in mobile phones.)

D.El.Ed. Multimedia Books Download Link

- Download multimedia flip books from GCERT website. Here is the direct link for that. Please note that you have to download flip player and install it in computer before read these books. Book and software links are as below.

This is the best and free material for D.El.Ed. students and teachers. You may like the whole post. Please forward it to your contacts and help them to pass D.El.Ed. Please like us on Facebook for more updates.

Lost Your Aadhaar Number? How To Get It On Your Phone - ICTgujarat.com

Hello friends, aadhar number is 12 digit unique number of every person in India. It is unique number of evry person who is citizen of India. You can get your aadhar card by applying on nearest aadhar enrollment centre with necessary proofs.
Lost Aadhaar Number Get It On Phone
Aadhar card is very important in our daily life now. But, if we lost our aadhar card and don't remember aadhar number or EID number. Then, by using following steps you can get aadhar UID number or registration EID number direct to your phone. Condition for get aadhar number on phone is that your mobile number or email id is registered in aadhar. So let's see how to get your aadhar number in your phone. Follow below steps for getting aadhar number number on phone.
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Steps For Get Aadhar Number On Phone :-

  • Step - 1 : You have to visit official website of aadhar then find option of getting aadhar number. For go directly, click this link.
  • Step - 2 : You can see three coloums from left to right. In first coloum select UID, if you want to get aadhar number. Select EID, if you want to get registration EID number.
  • Step - 3 : Now come to the middle part. Enter you name as in aadhar card. Then enter your email id or mobile number. (Please note that you have to enter email or mobile number which is registered to aadhar)
  • Step - 4 : Enter the code given in box. Then click on 'Send OTP' button.
  • Step - 5 : Check your email/mobile messege inbox. You can get OTP number for confirmation.
  • Step - 6 : Go to third coloum. You can see OTP box. Enter OTP from mobile/email in that box. Then click on 'Verify OTP'. You almost done!!! You can get your aadhar UID or EID number in your phone.

This is the full process to get aadhar number in your phone if it was lost. Visit this website daily for more information about aadhar card and more online services. Visit www.ictgujarat.com for more.

NCERT Science & Mathematics Kit Use Videos In Gujarati

Hello teachers, this post is specially written for maths-science teachers of Gujarat. Few years ago, there was a Bisag programme about NCERT Science-Mathematics Kit introduction and use. But, that was on Bisag. So, we can't see it after the programme is over. Here is that useful videos about Maths-Science Kit by NCERT in your schools.

I was searching videos on youtube couple of days ago. I found these video about introduction of NCERT Science & Mathematics Kit in Gujarati language. So, I decided to write this post about that kit video. You can see and download those video directly from this website.

NCERT and GCERT provides Science and Mathematics kit to every government primary schools in Gujarati. Few years ago, they provide small metal cupboard with full of science kit. They also provide one wooden box of maths kit. So many teachers don't know how to use those kit in classrooms. Here, I put total 6 videos by SSA Gujarat to help you learn about these Science - Mathematics kit easily. All videos are in Gujarati. You can also download these videos to your computer or smart phones. Please see and download video from below. Click on related links to them.

■ NCERT Science & Mathematics Kit Videos

- This is the detail video to use maths kit in classroom with textbook topics related to them.

1. Mathematics Kit Video

2. Science Kit Video Part - 1

3. Science Kit Video Part - 2

■ BISAG Videos About NCERT Kit

- There are 3 BISAG videos in Gujarati about NCERT kit introduction and use. You can see live demo and instructions about kit. You can see and download from below.

1. BISAG Video Part - 1

2. BISAG Video Part - 2

3. BISAG Video Part - 3

This is the complete video guide about use of science and mathematics kit provided by NCERT. Follow this blog for more information about educational technologies. Visit ICT Gujarat.
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